Biggest Mistake Clients Make When Hiring a Personal Trainer

Hiring a professional trainer can be a good way to get motivated and commit to doing the activity we all know is so vital to our clarity and mental focus. But selecting a personal trainer is not always an easy process; there are several trainers out there, and a lot of them are making the same claims and declarations about quick weight loss, strength and fitness gains, and always mentioning how friendly and motivational they can be.

So, how do you lower the noise and get a trainer that is appropriate for your needs? To assist you to make the right choice, we are sharing some common mistakes clients make when hiring a professional trainer, and ways you can avoid making similar mistakes.

1. Hiring based on price

Just as the adage goes, ‘buy cheap buy twice’, same applies to hiring the services of a personal fitness trainer. Avoid selecting such a trainer, one that lacks the right levels of experience to put you through the right and healthy lifestyle. For them to make a decent living, at a much lower price, they have to work for a lot of hours; they will not give you 1-1 attention you require, and the trainer will find it hard to be there for you outside of the regular sessions if you need additional assistance. Hiring based on their price can also lead to undertraining, injuries, bad programs, disordered eating, and so on. 

2. Hiring based on status

Nowadays, social media being so big making it seem normal to buy the things that are being advertised on these various platforms. But, do you want to trust a professional you know just from viewing their images and seeing they have a large following?

This is not to say that there are not professionals on social media platforms, but there are a lot more amateurs than the real professionals. 

Before you hire a person based on their social media profile, ensure that the content below the pictures looks as good as the pictures themselves. A real professional will provide good training tips, scientific explanations on some things, and also nutritional tips that match their pictures or videos.

The number of followers can be deceiving. There are various websites and applications that users can purchase likes and followers. Interaction is the most important thing here. Take a look at how the followers are interacting with other people through their comment session. Don’t be easily deceived by their ‘before and after’ images, ensure there is information about the person somewhere within the text, and also go through their testimonials.

There are several applications also where people can edit ‘before and after’ pictures and make them look really good. Hiring because of status can also lead to unhealthy habits and bad coaching. 

3. Hiring just for a program

It is very necessary that whoever you decide to work with values their time. If they don’t cherish their time, you also wouldn’t. When a trainer has a good price for the services they offer, they are making a statement to their prospects that they value what they do, and are committed to offering service of high quality. 

Also, they will restrict the number of clients they decide to work with because they don’t need to work long hours to make a good living. Hiring a dependable trainee is all about quality, not quantity. Hiring for just a program can result in injuries, lack of motivation, etc.

4. Expecting the trainer to do all the work

The 80/20 rule that applies in nutrition also applies to hiring a coach; a personal trainer is here to give you advice and guidance, but you still have 20% of the work to do on your own. This means that you still have work to do at home, in the kitchen mostly, with the meals you prepare to get your goals. Your coach can help you set goals, keep you motivated, and keep a healthy routine, but the rest is up to you. Take responsibility for what you do right and what you do wrong; this will help your coach help you even more.

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