Blueberry Protein Pancakes

Low carbs | Flourless | No Oats

Who doesn’t love a big stack of pancakes for breakfast? With goals to attain and macros to hit we’ve got this awesome low carb and high protein pancake recipe to help indulge some cravings staying on track. The little child in you is going to love this one. Pancakes for breakfast don’t need to be seen as a cheat meal; we’re going to substitute some of the higher calorie ingredients found in normal pancake recipes to make this recipe an every day staple.

At Astrofit, we preach a flexible diet, which means that nothing is off limits as long as it fits one’s macros. If you haven’t already, make sure you download your free ebook to learn more about macros in relation to training, athletic goals, and physique goals.

Blueberry Protein Pancakes

  1. Start by putting the bananas, protein powder, egg (or egg whites), milk, vanilla extract, salt, and baking powder all in the blender. If you don’t have a blender, you can whisk the ingredients together to combine.
  2. Blend all ingredients together until they’re all properly combined.
  3. Heat up the pan on medium heat and spray with a non stick spray of your choice.
  4. Ladle approximately one cup of the pancake mixture onto the pan and wait 90-120s for it to properly cook.
  5. Put a few blueberries on top of the un-cooked pancake, carefully flip it over and let it rest.
  6. Repeat until all the pancake mixture is used!

One all the pancakes are nicely stacked, top the pancake pyramid off with your favorite macro-friendly toppings and enjoy. You can add calorie-free Walden Farms syrups, low-fat whipped cream, chocolate bits, sprinkles, etc. Don’t forget to tag us on your creations on Instagram!

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