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The Alphabet Workout

Want to take your training to the next level but are out of ideas? Try this fun alphabet workout to get your heart rate up, muscles burning, and daily sweat in. The Alphabet Workout: Spell your name, friends name or […]

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Comment s’échauffer correctement

Depuis qu’on est tout petit, dans tous les sports, les entraîneurs nous ont toujours prescrit un échauffement. Il existe tellement beaucoup d’échauffements qu’il serait impossible de tous les nommer. Chaque sport et chaque discipline a son propre échauffement. Les exercices, […]

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At-Home Upper Body Workout

By Coach Benjamin LET’S PLAY THE DICE GAME Material Needed: 1 dice, resistance bands Warm-Up: 4min static jogging Throw the dice and multiply the number it lands on by 3. This will be the number of repetitions for each exercises. […]

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