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We always talk about how important it is to keep your goals in your line of vision, to stay motivated in achieving them. Now, especially, it’s getting more and more important to feed your goals however possible. Whether that’s creating a schedule and sticking to it, or building a vision board to remind yourself of where you’re going; staying focused and on track in your daily tasks is a must. It’s very easy to fall back into old habits if the right schedule or vision isn’t set. Which is why we decided to give you guys a little extra help.

We designed a FREE printables available for download, to help you stay on track from home. These printables are designed to help you build a schedule, stick to a routine, remember your why, and reach your goals while in quarantine. We don’t know how much time we have left staying inside, but we can make the best of it by using this free(-ish) time to build ourselves into the people we want.

When building a vision board, it’s important to set your goals clearly. What is it that you want to achieve? What motivates you in achieving that goal? How will you plan your day and week accordingly? What do you have to do in order to reach that goal? A vision board is there to help you stay on track on days where you forget why you started. Adding these printables to your vision board is going to help you measure your progress and success in achieving your goal.

Workout Tracker

Track your weekly workouts and see your weekly progress with this cute tick-off printable.

Download PDF here

42-Day Habit

They say it takes 21 days to create a new habit. We’re challenging you in doing 42 days of building new habits. We put some simple examples to follow at the bottom of the printable.

Download PDF here

Daily Task List

Plan your day ahead with a to-do list and an hourly schedule. Write down what you want to accomplish today, as well as what you’re planning on doing every hour of the day. You can even add in “nap” from 2pm to 3pm, if you want to. Simply make a habit of writing down your schedule ahead of time to accomplish more things at the end of the day.

Download PDF here

Meal Planner

It’s all fun and games until the number on the scale keeps going in the wrong direction. Plan your meals ahead of time and stick to the meal plan given to you by your coach. If you follow macros, plan your day according to your macros and stick to the plan laid out. You can put this on your fridge to remind you of your goal every time you open your fridge!

Download PDF here

Daily Check In

Check your weekly progress with this daily check-in printable. How did your day go? Did you do everything you were supposed to do? At the end of the week, check back in with yourself and see how well you’ve progressed over the last seven days.

Download PDF here

Don’t forget that you can always come in to one of our FREE live workouts on Instagram for some extra motivation in your workouts. There are live workouts available on Monday, Wednesday, Friday at 10am and 6pm EST, and Tuesday, Thursday at noon EST. Have fun with these printables, we’ll see you guys soon!

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