#GirlTalk Why Every Woman Should Workout

Ladies, it’s been a while since we’ve had a little talk. Summer is coming, a lot of you are coming to us with questions on how to change your physique as quickly as possible, to get that desired summer body. Most of you are looking for ways to make your waist smaller, your thighs thicker, and your arms tighter. Part of me wants to go on a rant about how your physique isn’t the most important thing in life, but the other part of me also knows how much of a role one’s body has on one’s confidence.

The journey to that “perfect” summer body is also not as easy and magical as one may think. There are days where you won’t want to follow your meal plan, days where you won’t want to go workout. It happens to the best of us. This talk is about helping you get over those bad days, so that your journey to your goal weight and body is a tad easier. Save this blog post for later, to read as a reminder of why you’re working so hard, day in and day out.

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1. Working Out Gives You That Desired Hot Bod

I think we can all agree that working out brings out our best features, as women. Onc you start hitting more depth and weight in those barbell squats, your glutes grow and you’re one step closer to that desired hourglass figure. The more you work out, the more you build muscle, and the more you build muscle, the closer you get to your summer body. There is a lot of misconception around women lifting weights, as the fear of looking like a buff man takes over; the fear is understandable, but as a woman, it’s is impossible to reach a man’s physique (naturally).

Lifting weights will build your best features, giving you a stronger, sexy look. The more you build your shoulders, for example, the closer you’re getting to an hourglass figure. The more you work on building your lats, the closer you’re getting to an hourglass figure. The more you train, the better your chiseling your body to get a sexy, feminine look.

2. Working Out Boosts Your Confidence Levels

Something about knowing how hard you’ve worked to earn that body gives you a major confidence boost. When you’ve put in the hours, the sweat, and the discipline into building your goal body, you know how powerful you can be. This confidence boost will translate to everything in your life, from job interviews, to dates, to conferences, and to group projects. Women who workout regularly are known to radiate differently, because they know what they’re able to achieve on their own. It becomes powerful.

You’ll notice, quickly, how different you become once you start including training in your every day routine; for starters, the endorphin and serotonin boost will give you a more positive outlook on life and yourself, which will then transform into daily confidence. You will start attracting different people, as your confidence levels increase. You will start attracting different opportunities, as your confidence will radiate in a more powerful way in business and life.

3. Working Out Helps With Lower Back

The struggle is real here, especially when you have an anterior pelvic tilt. Lower back pain is very common in women of all ages and can be caused by many things: PMS, herniated disc, anterior pelvic tilt, weak core/glutes, etc. When you start training regularly and properly, you start strengthening your core and posterior chain, thus helping in releasing pain and tension in your lower back. Standing up for too long at work won’t hurt your back as much, as your posture will have improved. Sleeping in comfortable (yet a bit bad for the lower back) positions won’t hurt as much in the morning. Doing your chores and picking up heavy duty things won’t cause strain in your lower back for the rest of the day. By strengthening your core and posterior chain, you are protecting your back for every activity you wish to practice.

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4. Working Out Helps With Skin Health

The more you sweat, the more you glow.

Sweating is one of the best parts of working out. You feel so refreshed after that shower post-workout, it’s as if your skin went through an 8-step skincare routine on its own. The more you sweat, the more toxins you flush out and the more bacteria you let out. This helps in clearing up the skin. Of course, the more water you lose through sweating, the more your body needs water to replenish its water stores; the more water you drink, the happier your skin is.

In order to get that summer body, you need to do more than just work out; you need to eat well too. When you start trading your fast food meal for something healthier and home made, you will see changes in your skin complexion. Fast food is filled with ingredients that are hard to digest, which may cause one’s skin to breakout on a regular basis. Eating more wholesome foods will help in digestion and skin health, as your body isn’t struggling to digest the foods you give it.

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All in all, working out gives you more than just a summer body; it gives you the opportunity to let out your inner Goddess. It boosts your confidence levels, it helps clear out your skin, it helps you make better decisions for your body, it protects your lower back from injury, and gives you the confidence you need to achieve everything you want in life.

On your bad days, read this post again. Remind yourself of why you’re doing this. Why are you working out? Why are you putting in the work? Why are you eating at home instead of eating at a fast food restaurant? Why are you disciplined?

Because you’ve decided to put yourself and your bliss first.

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