Low-Carb, High-Protein Jell-O Recipe

For all you dessert lovers out, this one is for you. The base of these ingredients is so simple, it will take only 5 min of your time to prep! You can make this for your kids, as you tan by the pool, or for yourself when you need something sweet but don’t have that many carbohydrates left in your day. All you have to do is pick your favorite Jell-O flavour (sugar-free) and let your imagination do the rest for the toppings!

For a ZERO carb version of this recipe, avoid putting too many toppings!

Ingredients (Makes 2 servings)

⁃ 2 packs of  sugar-free jell-o (cherry + strawberry)

⁃ 2 cups of hot water 

⁃ 2 cups of cold water 

⁃ 2 scoops of ISO protein powder

⁃ 200g of sliced strawberries

⁃ Bowl

⁃ Shaker cup (optional)


1. Pour jell-o mix in a bowl and mix with 2 cups of hot water until well blended, leaving no chunks. 

2. In a shaker cup, mix 2 cups of cold water with 2 scoops protein. 

3. Gradually pour protein mixture into jello mixture and whisk until well combined. 

4. Add in the sliced strawberries (and any other toppings you want. 

5. Set in the fridge for a minimum of 4 hours. 

6. Enjoy guilt-free on a hot summer day!

NOTE: Kiwis and pineapples won’t allow the jell-o to set, as the enzymes in the fruits breaks the gelatine that makes the solidity of the jell-o.

Nutrition Facts

Per serving

Calories 192

Fat. 1g

Carbs 9g

Protein 31g

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