HELLO, I’M Yahia Hikmat

Yahia will bring you just enough fun in a workout so that you don’t give up, but will still push you beyond your limits so that you’re sore the next day. As a trainer, he’s very caring towards his clients and creates bonds that last a lifetime. He’s the son, the brother, and the father of his clients; his clients trust him and he trusts his clients.

As a trainer, he’ll challenge you every day with new, unique exercises, helping you achieve your goals all the while learning!

Fitness coach | Co-Founder

10 years of training


After my father passed away at 400 lbs, with diabetes and issues with his health. I realized that I needed to do something different to not end up like him. Going through my own struggles with food and weight, I wanted to take matters into my hands. I started working out and making fitness my passion. When I’m with the weights, I feel safe.

It’ s my time, nothing can stop me during that hour. I teach clients how to use that me time to their advantage as well, since it can help you feel more empowered for your every day activities!


As a coach, the main thing I teach clients is how to take back control of their mind. Whatever they set their mind to, they can achieve. If you want to lift 400 lbs in a deadlift, and you’re following all the right steps to get there, you’ll be able to lift it off the ground!

The second you have doubt, you’re screwed. You can be the strongest guy in the room, that bar will not lift off. I push my clients everyday, in and out the gym, to challenge themselves mentally as well as physically. It all starts between your two ears, after all.

Specific preparation
Nutrition skills
Cardio conditioning


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